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    Default Accident Involving Car Parked Illegaly Blocking Driveway

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California (No injuries, just damage to vehicles)

    So tonight I offered to be the DD for some friends and as we were leaving my house I backed into a car that was partially, maybe a foot, blocking my private driveway (track home style two car driveway). It occurred at night at approximately 10pm. It was/is a dark cloudy night and the street light literally over where the car was parked is burnt out so it is darker than normal. On top of that the vehicle in question is a darker silver color and parked in my ridiculously large blind spot. There are plenty of spots to park near my house but the location she chose to park at was blocking my driveway by about a foot and also blocking my neighbors driveway a little. Our driveways are next to each other and have maybe a 7-9 foot space in between the two driveways, so it is clearly not large enough for a car by any standards.

    I know who the owner of the vehicle is and have already spoken with her, she wants to keep it out of her insurance and offered to pay me for the damages. I am a pretty stand up guy and recognize that I might have some responsibility here and was just curious as to how much of this is my fault, her fault, or possibly the cities fault because of the street light being out? I don't want her paying me for something I should be paying for.

    Again, this happened on a dark night, cloudy so no moon light, and the street light was/is out. I also have two witnesses who can vouch for the darkness and didn't see the car either, although I don't think that matters.

    Advice would be appreciated.

    I can provide answers if more information is required.

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    I can also provide pictures of the burnt out street light and how dark the street is without it. I have one picture showing another vehicle parked close by that you can barely see.

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    Default Re: Small Accident Involving Car Parked Illegaly Blocking Driveway

    You struck a stationary vehicle, it is 100% your fault.

    Are your reverse lights out? are your side view mirrors broken or misaligned?
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    Default Re: Small Accident Involving Car Parked Illegaly Blocking Driveway

    It appears you have vision problems and should not be driving, if you could leave a house, walk to a vehicle and not ever look to see what potential hazards may exist. Generally, vehicles have mirrors and you are advised to look over your shoulder before backing. You struck a parked vehicle and are 100 percent at fault.
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