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    Default Medical Bills Sent to Custodial Parent's Address with Non-Custodial Parent's Name

    My question involves child support in the State of: California

    My husband's ex gave the doctor my husband's name for billing with her address on it. My husband is the one who has insurance on his son. They are each supposed to pay 50% the bill for doctor appointments that insurance does not cover. She gave the doctor my husbands name for billing BUT at HER address. She did not pay her responsibility, or give us the bills in a timely manner. Because she did not give these bills to my husband in a timely manner, or communicate with the doctors office that she is responsible for 50%, they have sent these unpaid bills to collection in my husband's name. He has tried calling the doctor's office at least 6 times. He has asked for the billing manager/office manager and they say they will look into it and call him back but they NEVER do.

    He is more than willing to pay his 50%.

    What should he do?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Medical Bills Sent to Custodial Parent's Address with Non-Custodial Parent's Name

    pay what is billed and sue the other parent for anything beyond what he would have had to pay if the other parent had acted such that it would have been filed with the insurance in a timely manner.

    as far as the doctor is concerned, each parent is 100% liable for the charges. They are not going to attempt to enforce a child support order.

    Is there some reason the doctor's office didn't file with the insurance company themselves? That is the typical arrangement.

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    Default Re: Medical Bills Sent to Custodial Parent's Address with Non-Custodial Parent's Name

    How do you know mom didn't give dads address?

    My daughter has been fighting and trying to straighten around medical bills on her child. Her ex carries the insurance, so this facility will only bill him. His name is on the medical records along with his address, yet the bills keep coming to her home, his name is it on it with her address. Round and round she has gone with the facility and the bills keep coming with his name and her address.

    Often times we think that one parent is to blame, when they had nothing to do with it. As jk told you, your husband knows of the bills now, they are in his name, he needs to pay them and seek moms portion through mom. If mom does not pay your husband her portion, then your husband will have to seek the courts help in getting that money.

    The medical facility is only going to bill one parent, as jk said they are not going to attempt to enforce a child support order. Depends on the place, certain ones bill the insurance carrier, others bill the person who brought the child in for care. Your husband can contact the Dr's office, find out who they bill and if it would be him, make sure they have his correct address on record. Hopefully they will enter it in right, but don't count on it, because as I said above, they keep screwing it up at the one medical facility my daughter uses.

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