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    Default What Happens if You Leave the State Before Completing Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Massachusetts

    I was wondering what would happen if i left the state of Massachusetts to Michigan being on probation and didnt say anything

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    Default Re: What Would Happen if I Left the State Beening on Probation

    I can almost guarantee your probation conditions include some restriction on travel without approval. If you violate your probation convictions, you can be violated which could mean anything up to and including be sent to jail.

    Why don't you ask your PO for a travel permit?

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    Default Re: What Would Happen if I Left the State Beening on Probation

    If you leave the state without permission and it is proven to be a strong possibility that you did, you will be violated. If you miss you hearing, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. That warrant could be issued with no geographic boundaries. You needing to leave the state, wanting to leave the state; whatever, can be done. Possibly. You need to talk to your PO about it. It would so much more in your best interest if you do.

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