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    Default Can a Child With Type 1 Diabetes Get SSI Benefits

    My daughter is 11 yrs old. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ten months ago. She uses an insulin pump and insulin pens daily, 24 hrs a day. She will have type1 diabetes for the rest of her life. She has to check her blood sugar at least four times a day to continue using the pump, but, she is forced to check it twice as much. Her school has had to hire a registered nurse to keep on staff because of her condition. She is required by her doctor to be on a 504 plan?. Which we had drawn up. Everyone keeps telling me that she qualifies for disability but I'm skeptical. Does she qualify for disability? I just made an apt. with ssa the other day, I haven't had my interview yet. I sure could use any info and or feedback or even any advice with this. Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Child with Type 1 Diabetes Qualify

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    Default Re: Can a Child With Type 1 Diabetes Get SSI Benefits

    What are her functional limitations from her illness? How is she limited physically or mentally? Diabetes, type 1 or type 2, is not an automatic approval for SSI. Many type 1 diabetics lead relatively normal, successful lives as children and adults. It is when the disease leads to other conditions like neuropathy and vision disturbances and kidney problems that it may be considered disabling.

    Also, since your child is under age 18 and since SSI is a low income program, if your income is too high or you have too much in resources, she won't qualify even if she meets the disability standard.

    I suggest filing a claim in order to get an official answer.

    C. How do we evaluate DM in children?

    Listing 109.08 is only for children with DM who have not attained age 6 and who require daily insulin. For all other children (that is, children with DM who are age 6 or older and require daily insulin, and children of any age with DM who do not require daily insulin), we follow our rules for determining whether the DM is severe, alone or in combination with another impairment, whether it meets or medically equals the criteria of a listing in another body system, or functionally equals the listings under the criteria in §416.926a, considering the factors in §416.924a. The management of DM in children can be complex and variable from day to day, and all children with DM require some level of adult supervision. For example, if a child age 6 or older has a medical need for 24-hour-a-day adult supervision of insulin treatment, food intake, and physical activity to ensure survival, we will find that the child’s impairment functionally equals the listings based on the example in §416.926a(m)(5).

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    Default Re: Can a Child With Type 1 Diabetes Get SSI Benefits

    Thank you for your reply. She has had some vision problems and her endocrinologist told me that i need to get her eyes checked asap. I dont know if this is considered a functional limitation but she cant hardly participate in gym class while in school. Shes constantly in the nurses office due to her blood sugar being low. I definitely dont make alot of money. I only work part time due to her diabetes. I wasnt able to go back to work until Sept. of 2012. Thank you again for your feedback.

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    Default Re: Can a Child With Type 1 Diabetes Get SSI Benefits

    Again though, it's generally only when there are severe complications that SSA considers the condition to be disabling.
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