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    Default Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Protection Order Hearing

    My question involves restraining orders ! my ex out of the blue has gotten a protection order on me right after we start going to court about the getting a DNA test for my son! she is doing this all out of spite because i wouldnt drop the case and sign over my rights(which i have in emails) she say i threatenend here through via email(a lie) the only threat have been made was by her which she said she will have me killed if i drag her through court i called the police and had it reported also! but my thing is do i really need a lawyer if i have email after email showing the reason why she is doing this????

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    Default Re: Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Protection Order Hearing

    (I'm assuming you're in Alabama?)

    Okay, what is the actual basis of the PO? Is this a TPO (temporary, pending a hearing)?
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