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    Default Did I Have "Reason to Know" That My License Was Suspended

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: New York.

    In May 2011, I gave up my apartment in CA with the intent on driving to my New York State residence for a prolonged period for family reasons. On my drive home, I experienced lapses of consciousness so I returned to my CA doctors for checkups and advice. I approached a friend about staying with him pending my doctors' findings and authorization to drive again. I agreed to loan him my last $4,000 which he would pay back on a flexible schedule and without interest in return for letting me stay with him until I could continue on my trip back to NY and for the ability to stay with him when I returned periodically to CA to take care of business. I fully intended on maintaining my CA resident status and returning there again permanently. After two weeks with my friend, he asked me to leave unreasonably, refused to reimburse any of the money I loaned him, and I found myself homeless for June and July of 2011. Through the kindness of the greatest city in CA, I was given bus fare home to NYS and left CA on August 4, 2011.

    I had an accident in New York State in September 2012, and was told to my surprise that I was driving with a suspended license. The license was suspended by CA DMV for my failure to have my doctors complete a form regarding my driving capabilities. The form was mailed to me in June 2011 and I was sent a notice of suspension in July 2011 to my last known address which I had registered with DMV as my friend's address. Because I was homeless I had no forwarding address on file at that time. My friend apparently didn't return the mail I received at his residence as undeliverable. I therefore didn't receive knowledge of the suspension and drove for over year with a suspended license in New York.

    Do you think under New York Motor Vehicle Code Section 511, I had "reason to know" my license was suspended? Can I argue I didn't at an upcoming hearing?

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    Default Re: Did I Have "Reason to Know" That My License Was Suspended

    You can argue whatever you like, but it is incumbent upon you to have your mail forwarded to a good address, even if it's just a ups box, or a relative's place.

    Unless a source is cited, anything posted here by me is only my opinion, and is not meant as legal advice.

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    Default Re: Did I Have "Reason to Know" That My License Was Suspended

    Are you stating that you permanently relocated to New York, and had lived there for more than a year before this accident, but kept your California driver's license?

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