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    Default Suing Over a Wrongful Accusation

    Hello, I recently received a letter in the mail from a lawyer (in a different province) that I was being sued by a company for 2000$+ that I owed on some sort of Home Hardware card. The problem is, my wife and I are both sure that we have never had this so called card and have no clue why they think it was us. The card was in use '95 to '00, and since then I have switched homes, which also brings up the question of how they got my new house address to send me the letter.

    Now where I live, which is a small city, there are 4 different people with the same name as mine.

    The question I want to ask is, is it possible for me to sue the collection agency, the lawyer, or home hardware for some sort of "wrongful accusation"?

    I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, so thank you for the help.

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    Default Re: Suing over a wrongful accusation

    You don't indicate where this is occurring - province suggests Canada, or maybe France. Laws vary by jurisdiction, and most people here focus on U.S. legal matters.

    If you were here, I would tell you that a good place to start would be to request a copy of the original contract for the credit card from the lawyer.

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    Default Re: Suing over a wrongful accusation

    I knew that people here focused on US laws, but I doubted the laws between US and what I was talking about (Canada) would differ very much.

    The problem with obtaining the contract is that noone will give me any information! They won't give me a copy of the contract, or tell me the birthdate, or anything else on the contract!

    But, if I was able to obtain it, and it was not I, where would I go from there?

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    Default Re: Suing over a wrongful accusation

    motion for dismissal.

    and if they've already filed suit, you may be able to ask for a copy under Discovery (or something else similar to it)(I don't know anything about the Canadian legal system)

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    Default Re: Suing over a wrongful accusation

    Is there a chance I would be able to sue them for the fact they sent me a letter in the mail saying they will sue me and it's not me?

    I have a brother in the province of Alberta who happens to be the deputy minister of justice, if there is any way I can sue, it's happening...

    The reason why I'm asking if I can sue here is because, he's on vacation in Greece for the next 2 weeks!

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