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    Default Firearm License Suspension and Reinstatement

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Massachusetts

    I'm not sure in which forum category I should have posted my question, but it is concerning firearms licenses (License to Carry).

    I previously obtained my license to carry (class A) in the Commonwealth with No Restrictions/ All Lawful Purposes. Unfortunately, I was arrested a few years after for some pretty severe charges. My license was inevitably suspended (understandably so). Subsequently, all charges were dismissed WITH prejudice. I served no pre-trial probation, no CWOF "Continued Without a Finding" and my CORI reports DISMISSED. I have sucessfully compelled my local court to seal my record, and other than my one arrest, I have absolutely no criminal history other than civil fines for traffic violations a few years prior.

    It has been approximately three years since my arrest and I have not been arrested since then. I have not attempted to renew my LTC or petition to have it reinstated. I called my local police station to inquire, and the firearms officer told me there was no way I am getting my LTC back. My specific question is what obstacles will I have to overcome to have my LTC reinstated? I am prepared to ask a court of appropriate jurisdiction to review this matter. I am aware that certain convictions will automatically disqualify me, but my criminal history is void of any convictions or probations.

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    Default Re: Firearm License Suspension/ Reinstatement

    I would think applying and if rejected, seek to challenge the reason for the denial.

    it's all in the laws

    from what I could find though, MA is a may issue state. Generally that means you cannot compel the authority in power to issue a permit. It is within their discretion as to issue one or not.
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