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    Default My Kids Live with Me Now - Do I Still Pay Child Support

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Tx.

    My kids (18 and 14) have moved out here to California with me from Texas. My Ex voluntarily let them stay here for school this year (and probably forever now). She stated that I still needed to pay her child support for 6 months.... ummm I don't think so. My first question is what do I need to do with the Texas court system to ensure my custody is legally recognized and second do I need to continue child support?

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    Default Re: My Kids Live with Me Now - Do I Still Pay Child Support

    If you don't want to pay child support, you need to bring a motion to modify support. Unless and until you file such a motion, your support obligation continues under the existing order - you can expect that the judge will not modify support effective prior to the date you file your motion.

    If California has jurisdiction, both your motion to modify support and motion to modify custody would be filed in the California court. If you want to try to get jurisdiction modified to Texas for a motion to change custody, once the children have been in the state for six months or longer, I suggest consulting a Texas family lawyer about forming a strategy and ultimately filing a UCCJEA petition.

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