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    Default Do I Have to Formally Evict Someone That Lives in My Home and Doesn't Pay Rent

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Michigan

    A friend of mine moved in several months ago and was added as an occupant on my lease. He is not actually on the lease as a responsible party, but as an occupant. He is causing problems with my children, stealing from me, and just being a menace. He is not working and contributes no money to the household. Do I have to go through the formal eviction process to get him out if he won't go willingly?

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    Default Re: Do I Have to Formally Evict Someone That Lives in My Home and Doesn't Pay Rent

    As you added him to the lease as an occupant, making him a documented resident of your unit, if you were to lock him and and if the police were summoned in response, it is highly likely that they would tell you to let him back into the unit and evict him.

    What rights does a listed occupant have under the terms of your lease? Before you try to evict him as a subtenant, you have to make sure you're actually his "landlord".

    Have you asked him to leave?

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    Default Re: Do I Have to Formally Evict Someone That Lives in My Home and Doesn't Pay Rent

    I have asked him to move, but he refuses to find somewhere else to go. I guess that is what I am unsure of...................... Am I his landlord? or is my landlord his landlord?

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    Update................. I talked to my landlord today and they said that he is not actually on the lease. He did fill out paperwork to be approved to live here, but he is NOT on the lease. They said that once I ask him to leave and he refuses I should be able to call the police to have him removed without going through the eviction process. They said that just because he receives mail here doesn't mean he has the right to be here according to michigan law.

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