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    Default Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchase

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Minnesota. About two months ago a bike was stolen out of my garage. Upon noticing it was gone I called the police and filed a police report. I did not have a proof of purchase or the serial number off of the bike, however they did take a description of the bike down and told me they would see if anything came up. I didn't hear anything back. Today I found my bike on Craigs List in a town about 20 miles from where I live. I called the police in my town and told them what I had discovered. The police basically said that since I didn't have a serial number off the bike there wasn't much they could do. So, I am looking at my stolen bike listed on Craigs List asking my self, one, why did I even file a police report? Two, how can this be, that although I have a police report they are doing nothing for me as far as investigating the listing? And three, what can I do to recover my stolen property, with or without police involvement? Any thoughts would be great! But hurry they may sell my bike quickly

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    Default Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property with Out You Having a Proof of Purcha

    You cannot take property you claim to be yours without proof. I don't know why you filed a report for property you cannot prove you own.
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    Default Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchas

    We had a wonderful thread here a few years ago by a guy who picked a fight with a hearing impaired bicyclist, after convincing himself that the bicyclist had stolen his bicycle and was ignoring him, and discovered the hard way that (a) even if you think the person you're getting physical with looks like a wimp, he may turn out to be an award-winning kickboxer, and (b) even if you think you have an unusual bicycle, it's may turn out that the guy who is kicking your posterior simply happened to buy the same model of bicycle and didn't steal yours.

    You bought the bicycle - see if you can get the serial number from the store you bought it from, or if you registered a warranty see if the manufacturer has the serial number on file.

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    Default Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchas

    You asked why did you even file a police report. Even if the report is not useful in recovering your property, it would be required to make an insurance claim. Are you in a position to make a claim?

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    Default Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchas

    If police have no way to identify a SPECIFIC bike as yours, either by way of a serial number (such as may be present on your receipt or other paperwork from purchase), or by way of an OAN - an "owner applied number", such as etching your driver license or social security number onto the frame somewhere, then TWO issues are present; one, police can't enter the stolen item into NCIC, and two, they can't positively identify any bikes they find, online or elsewhere, as yours. Investigating the crime, and recovering and returning property aren't the same thing, and property RETURN rests on SPECIFIC identification, which they generally can't and won't do on an item that wasn't customized to such a degree as to exclude ALL other bikes of the same model. Your insurance company typically won't need as much documentation, so pursuit of reimbursement through them is your best REALISTIC course of action.
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    Default Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchas

    Something tells me that Schwin or Raleigh or Mongoose probably made more than one copy of the model and color you had. How do you know that the bike you are looking at on Craigslist is yours? Was it custom made so that it has an identifiable feature that no other bike has? Surely you would not expect the police to come to your house and take your stuff from you just because I said it was mine, would you?

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    Default Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchas

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