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    Default How to Get a Conditional License With an Out-of-State Suspension

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: PA

    Moved to rural NY from PA. Currently have a suspended drivers license in PA for DUI. Had two offenses in 2007 and one offense in 2002. Suspension is up in 2014. I am interested in applying for a conditional license in NY for travel to and from work. I am finding conflicting information on whether this is possible with the PA suspension. I would love to ask the NY DMV but each time I call all representatives are busy and they ask me to call back. I cannot find the conditions spelled out in black and white on whether it is even possible to apply for a NY conditional license with a outstanding suspension in another state. I am now a legal resident of NY.

    Can I take the DDP classes and apply or do I need to have a conditional license in PA(which is near impossible!) in order to apply in NY? I would only be driving in the state of NY.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Suspended License in Pa-Moved to Ny-Obtaining Conditional License

    Hopefully you have already surrendered your PA license or the clock isn't even running. Welcome to one of the great catch 22's in license suspension. No one will issue you a license while suspended elsewhere. The best bet is to get the PA occupational and then try NY, but one of the NY local guys will have to chime in on whether the DMV will issue any sort of license in NY on a PA occupational.

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    Default Re: Suspended License in Pa-Moved to Ny-Obtaining Conditional License

    Yes. License has been surrendered. PA seems to be very strict with conditional licenses.

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    In order to get the PA occupational you need to give travel routes, times, etc. This isn't possible as I'm currently residing in NY and don't need to drive in PA. I am starting to see that catch 22! In PA I had public transportation available. I'm in the middle of nowhere here in NY.

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    Default Re: How to Get a Conditional License With an Out-of-State Suspension

    With three DUI's in Pennsylvania you will never qualify for a OLL in Pennsylvania. If you were not licensed in NY, that may disqualify you from getting a NY restricted license.

    There is another type of restricted license in Pennsylvania called the Probationary License. The requirements for the PL are a minimum of 5 years of suspension and 7 years from your last DUI, so it will not provide any relief right away, but it may help in the near future.

    Good Luck!

    License Restoration Services Inc.
    Helping drivers throughout PA with license suspension and Work License issues.

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