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    Default Accident from Missed Stop Sign

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: NJ

    My cousin missed a stop sign at a junction which resulted in a collision with another moving car. Fortunately there were no fatalities although the ambulance took 2 passengers in the other car to the hospital (they have since been discharged, thank goodness).

    The accident was my cousin's fault. He ran a stop sign which he sadly did not see maybe because he has never driven in that area before. The sign however was not hidden. He was NOT texting, eating, drinking, on the phone, intoxicated, doing anything he wasn't supposed to in the car, etc. He freely admits he is at fault and is very remorseful about the whole thing. He got a ticket from the police on site for running a stop sign that lead to the accident and injury, and is fully prepared plead guilty and accept any fines and points.

    But he and his family are worried sick if it could lead to potential jail time (which under NJ law potentially can include up to 15 days jail?). He has never had any traffic violations or even parking tickets, and has no record of any kind. His driver's license is up to date, so is the car registration, and ample insurance coverage. He even wants to make it right to the other party by paying their insurance deductibles. He was driving within the speed limit at that street and was on his way to pick up his daughter from a kid party when this happened.

    What are the chances that the court will penalize him beyond fines and points, ie. with jail time? Is there anything he can do to mitigate the risks of something more than fines/points? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Accident from Missed Stop Sign (Nj)

    Yes, up to 15 days jail time is possible for failure to obey a traffic control device in NJ. However, I doubt that it is likely barring impairment (alcohol or drugs), recklessness, or a fatality. Nonetheless, since an injury collision was involved, I would suggest that your cousin seek legal representation.
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