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    Exclamation Military Divorce and Separations Pay


    I just wanted to know more about separations pay. I am currently in MD and my soon to be ex is in the military. He has been in the military for 8 years and due to get very soon. We have only been married 1 year and have 2 children together. Part of my husbands separation contract, includes a separations pay. I know its only been a short time of marriage, but the extra money from the separations pay could go a long way to help support our children in the long run, esp. seeing I am not working (full-time mom). Would I be entitled to any of the separations pay? Also, in MD we have to be separated for 1 year before they grant a final divorce, and we would be getting out of the military before our divorce is final.


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    Odds are the pay would be deemed earned during the marriage and thus part of the marital estate. The rest depends on the details of the case.

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