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    Default Ex-Spouse is Not Cooperating With Sale of the House

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: MI

    Last fall (November 2011) I had to take my ex back to court to get the Judgment enforced. It was regarding paying mortgages and loans and also putting the house for sale since the original agreement to remove me from liability of the home was not completed.

    The ex has since made it extremely difficult (ignoring calls, not allowing of scheduling of showings, keeping house in extreme disarray and needing to be "shoveled out" --as described by the realtor) in selling the house, and continued to ignore paying the loans. Is it even worth petitioning the court further in the matter, as I don't believe they would or could force them to do anything? I imagine they wouldn't evict them so that the house can be cleaned and put in a condition that would be conducive to selling?

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    Default Re: Ex-Spouse is Not Cooperating With Sale of the House

    If your ex- is actually violating a court order that she do certain things to facilitate the showing and sale of the house, you can take the matter back to court on a show cause petition, asking that she be held in contempt.

    You say you went to court last November, but haven't shared any details of what happened.

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    Default Re: Ex-Spouse is Not Cooperating With Sale of the House

    What happened in November was that the Judge ordered the house be put up for sale as stated in the Judgment. It was also ordered (for a 2nd time) that the accounts past due balances (mortgages and another loan associated with the house) be paid. I had been to court 2 times in the prior months regarding her negligence/inability/unwillingness (whatever her motive or excuse is) in making the said payments or indicating to me in any way her plan to make them, remove my name from the loans. Yes, it took 3 times to get the house simply listed, all the while my credit being ruined by her decisions and actions.

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