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    Default I Won the DV Lottery but My Husband Doesn't Want to Come

    Recently I found out that I was chosen for the dv lottery. When I applied I wasnt married but now I am. I got married before the results came out. Now I was wondering do I have to put my husband with me on the application or can I put single. My husband doesnt want to come with me due to some family issues he is having. And lets say I have to put him with me, does he have to come with me right away to the US or can he come later.

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    Default Re: I Won the DV Lottery but My Husband Doesn't Want to Come

    You must update with your current marital status, unless your husband is a US citizen or U.S. lawful permanent resident.
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    Default Re: I Won the DV Lottery but My Husband Doesn't Want to Come

    You need to inform the Kentucky Consular Center of the changes to your family. Normally you would pay additional immigrant fees for your spouse, and file certain documentation, but it sounds like your spouse won't be applying to immigrate with you at present. Once you're a permanent resident you can petition for your spouse to enter the U.S.

    You are not single, so you do not want to lie on your immigration documents.

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