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    Default Being Investigated for Check Fraud

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: CA

    Ive been getting calls for a few weeks now from 1877 812 2577, they had been leaving an automated message saying "this message is intended for (my name) it is imperative we obtain a statement on your behalf regarding a filing being scheduled please refer to your pending case number (#######) when returning this call . failure to return this call will result in a decision being rendered on your behalf, please govern yourself accordingly.

    i did a quick google search on the number and it basically said it was a scam, so i ignored the calls.

    yesterday, they left a different automated message "you are being investigated for check fraud, this is a very serious matter its urgent that you discuss this isssue with one of our agents immediately. return our call at 1877 812 2577 please refer to case number (same as in the other messages).

    Now Im scared. I dont know if this is a scam or what is going on.

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    Default Re: Being Investigated for Check Fraud

    Don't be scared. Talk to your bank, if there is a check issue, it would have also been reported to them.

    That number however belongs to CMR one of the scum sucking bottom dwelling collection agencies. The nonsense has nothing to do with check fraud but to get you on the phone so they can coerce you into making some amount of payment on the account. If it were certain other states, this practice would be in fact ILLEGAL and subject them to fines.

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    Default Re: Being Investigated for Check Fraud

    It's a scam.

    A few weeks ago, someone posted here saying a message was left saying a collector is coming by the house to go through some papers, so call back to confirm an appointment, and the guy was scared someone would be coming by the house. If you never wrote a bad check, just ignore the call. It's just a ruse to have you call them, an illegal act on their part.

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    Default Re: Being Investigated for Check Fraud

    Absolute scam.

    But a few words about bad checks. If you write a check to pay a bill, and it is dishonored for whatever reason, there is no criminal recourse on the check. There is only civil recourse on the original bill.

    You write a bad check for services or merchandise, then there is a redemption period and if the check is not paid, then you could face criminal charges. However, no private company will have anything to do with any investigation, etc.

    And if you do pay something, anything, on an old bill, credit card or otherwise, that will restart the statute of limitations on a possible civil action against you. In the case of credit cards, the credit card company writes the debt off rather promptly. They sell the debts. It generally does no good for the credit card company or your credit report to pay it later. The only time it pays is if the collection agency will guarantee in writing to remove it from your credit report, assuming you want to clean up the report.

    Even if they promise, doesn't mean it will happen or that there is any practical way to enforce such an agreement.

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    Default Re: Being Investigated for Check Fraud

    The nonsense has nothing to do with check fraud but to get you on the phone so they can coerce you into making some amount of payment on the account.
    Yep. There's a similar one that claims to be Federal Check Recovery, will tell you that "a case has been filed against you in this office", and go so far as to threaten to have you arrested. It's BS. And it is illegal under the FDCPA.
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