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    Default Illegal Towing at an Apartment Complex

    My question involves a towing from the state of: Florida

    Good afternoon, my car was recently towed from my apartment complex. The towing company claims I was double parked, which is stranged because when I parked my car after work I parked between two other cars. Then I call to pick it up and since the car belongs to my mother they ask for all her paperwork which is fine, at this point I'll admit I'm a bit frustrated but cooperating because I need the car. Mind you my mother lives in North Carolina, I inform the agent of this and ask her is i can have all the information faxed to them so i can get my car. They say no it has to be original and that if its not in by 6pm yesterday (5/1/12 @ 5:30pm) its $175 and $200 by thursday, is this legal? Also if they have no proof of the double parked car can I fight that as well? and who would I take that up with, complex/ towing..?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Illegal Towing at an Apartment Complex

    It's legal for them to require proof that they are releasing a vehicle to somebody who has the right to take the vehicle, not some random person / car thief. It's legal for them to charge storage fees.

    Their proof that the car was double-parked will presumably be the tow truck driver's testimony that it was double parked and, if they were summoned to tow the vehicle, the testimony of whomever summoned them. Some tow companies take photographs before towing - you can ask them if they follow that practice. If they don't have photos, it's your word against theirs - the court would have to evaluate the testimony and try to decide who is more credible, with you having the burden of proof.

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