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    Default Divorce and Mortgages

    My ex wife and I divorced 3 years ago. She received the house and a piece of land we owned. I signed a quit claim on both house and property but am still on the mortgages. She has gone delinquent on the property and let it go into foreclosure. I think there is nothing I can do to save this, but I do not want the house to go into foreclosure.

    Can i do a reverse quit claim deed to get my name back on the title so I can try to take back the house by refinancing solely. Or what can I file to remove myself totally from both mortgages (novation?) Our MSA just says she gets the 2 properties, no stipulations of refi etc.

    I just want to save my credit and get as far away from her as possible. Please help!

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    Default Re: Divorce and Mortgages

    If she's let it go delinquent and go into foreclosure, your credit is already shot. There is nothing you can do to get off the mortgages. Had you put a refi stipulation in your decree, you could take her to court to try and force her to refi as she would be in contempt. Without that, you're cruising the rapids with no paddle.

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