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    Default How to Protect Property While a Divorce is Pending

    My question involves a marriage in the state of:Washington
    I have recently filed for a divorce.
    Also have filed paperwork to DSHS to start Child Support which ex is dragging feet to fill out paperwork due to?
    EX is working for families businesses partial cash/on books. Is there anything I can do if no income is claimed?

    I would like to have my personal belongings and some books/tools/instrument- a very low percent of items
    in the household. I am not being allowed to get them because the ex-spouse is claiming them
    possession is 99% of law.
    Is the best thing to do on these items is wait for court instruction?
    There is no way ex can sell them correct?


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    Default Re: Ex Dragging Feet

    If you want to prevent your ex- from selling property, you can consider petitioning the court to issue an order prohibiting either of you from selling property, draining bank accounts, or otherwise undermining the present financial status quo pending further order of the court

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    Default Re: Ex Dragging Feet

    Thanks! I recently received response to petition... I am pro-se.... is it okay for me file request for production of documents and my statement of declaration now?

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