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    Default Medical Bills in Collections and Settlements in Oregon

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Oregon
    I have a few medical bills which are now about 7.5 months old. They have recently been put into collections. They total about 31,000. The debt collector keeps calling me trying to work out a payment plan which i have spoken with them last week. But they are asking that i pay 3000 dollars a month. I told them that was crazy. Completely impossible to do so they worked with me a little sms said they could not do anything less than 500 a month which i still cannot do, i can only pay about 150 a month right now and make some extra payments here and there. Any suggestions on what i can do. Can i just pay them the 150 mo without any kind of penalties. I'm worried if it's possible here in Oregon for wage garnishment, as well as them trying to sue me or put a lien on my house or drain my bank accounts. I'm not sure what the late is here on those things. Much needed advice thank yo

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    Default Re: Medical Bills in Collections and Settlements in Oregon

    They're under no obligation to reduce your debt or offer a payment plan for debt that is presently due. If they sue you and obtain a judgment, they can use judicial remedies such as garnishment and execution to pursue the money you owe.

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