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    Default How to Get a Protection Order Extended

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Texas
    I have a two year protection order against my ex-husband that will expire in July 2012. I wanted to know what do I need to do to have it extended. My ex took a plea deal on a family violence charge after the initial order was granted(the protection ordered was granted due to the then pending charge of family violence and terroristic threat). I have sole legal and physical custody of our child and he currently has no visitation because of being dropped from the Supervised visitation program twice. I recieved help from the State of Texas Crime Victim's Compensation Unit to relocate and he does not know where my child and I stay. I would like to know what steps should I take to have my order of protection extended. My ex-husband was plotting to have me killed (the reason behind the terrorist threat charge; his mistress was the one who told me that he was plotting to have me killed for my life insurance policy for them to live off of). He and the then mistress are still together and have three kids (all of which were born during my marriage and divorce proceedings). Both of them are convicted felons and have very shady past. I do still believe that he will try to hurt me. He is currently 13k arrears in child support and has a suspended sentence for non-payment of child support. At the court hearing, the only thing that he wanted to know was were I stay. The Women's Center in my county helped me obtain the original protection order.

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    The best place to start for help with extending the order is with the victim advocate in the DA's office that originally prosecuted the case. The threats regarding killing you, even if the motivation of a life insurance policy is now gone (I'm assuming that he's no longer the beneficiary), should be ample enough for the court to grant your request.
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    Default Re: How to Get a Protection Order Extended

    Thanks for the advise!

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