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    Default How Long to Wait Outside the Country Between F1 and Tourist

    Hi everyone!!

    I have been in the U.S for three years now. I arrived here as a tourist, looked for an internship, found one, came back to France to grab my J1, then i studied here at the end of my internship (and therefore went back to France to grab a F1)

    Now My OPT grace period expire this Sunday (which leads me to another question (1): my last day of OPT/EAD was February 22. Does the grace period start the next day? Also, if I leave on the 60th day, I will arrive in France and pass the customs technically on the 61th day. is that possible)

    (2) I wanted to know how long I have to wait outside the U.S before I can come back. I have a few things to do here (emptying my apt, attending to an important dentist surgery operation, etc).

    I have been told two weeks, while some other people told me three months. Of course I would like to come back as soon as possible.

    Also, last question: Should I come under a regular tourist visa ( and therefore just register on the ESTA website) or should I try to get a B1/B2 ?

    Thank you so much for your time!


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    Default Re: How Long to Wait Outside the Country Between F1 and Tourist

    The OPT grace period starts the day after OPT expires.

    You should try to resolve your affairs during the grace period - that's what it's for.

    If you obtain a B1/B2, the odds of reentry without problem go up as your visa has already been approved. I cannot promise you what's going to happen at the port of entry, although you appear to have a good track record of compliance with nonimmigrant visas.

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    Default Re: How Long to Wait Outside the Country Between F1 and Tourist

    Thank you for your answer. As I specified on my post, I already reached the end of the Grace period. I would like not to have to go trhough an B1/B2, my questions was about the amount of time I should wait before coming back to the U.S as a tourist

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