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    Default Three Owners, Two Want to Sell to Third Owner

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: RI
    I own a home in RI with my brother and sister. My sister and I want to sell the home and my brother said he'd buy us out.
    My first question is, is there a form for this type of sale?
    Second, there is still a mortgage on the home. Does my brother have to pay off the mortgage before paying my sister and me?
    My brother is in the process of trying to secure a new mortgage if for some reason he can't get one and decides he's not buying us out, how would my sister and I go about getting out of the ownership of the home?

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    Default Re: Three Owners, Two Want to Sell to Third Owner

    You can have a contract drawn up by a real estate attorney. Liability for the mortgage, depends on who is listed on the mortgage. In general, unless your brother is solely listed on the mortgage, he will need to get another one and pay off this one, unless other listed people agree to continuity of liability. If he cannot swing the deal and refuses to sell to another person, you will need a court order, forcing the sale of the property, unless you can find a buyer willing to only buy your interest.
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    Default Re: Three Owners, Two Want to Sell to Third Owner

    In whose name is the mortgage loan?

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