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    Question Commission and Taking Pay

    My question involves compensation laws for the state of: Illinois
    Can an employer strictly pay you by commission?
    If I go to work clock in drive to a job in a company vehicle and the job cancels do they still have to pay me for the time if I'm commission
    If I work a job complete it and the customer complains job was not done to their standards so my company refunds or redoes the job can they take my pay back if I'm commission?
    If I work a 250$ job at 21% which would earn a pay of 52$ but it took me 7 hours do they have to at least pay minimum wage?
    If I'm commission and get paid per job do I still get paid for time spent driving a company vehicle while on the clock?

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    Default Re: Commission and Taking Pay

    The only type of job where you can be paid by commission only is outside sales. But as long as you've received minimum wage times the number of hours working (including drive time from job to job but excluding time from home to the first job and from the last job home) and overtime for hours over 40 in a week, the law will determine that you've been paid appropriately.

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    Default Re: Commission and Taking Pay

    Employers use draw accounts, against commissions, to comply with minimum wage laws.
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