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    Default How to Take Away a Father's Rights

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: PA
    My childs father is using durgs and I dont want him to be apart of my child's life. How do I go about getting his rights taken away?

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    Default Re: How to Take Away a Father's Rights

    File a motion in court and prove to the satisfaction of the court that dad is using drugs and as a result it is not safe for him to have any exposure to the child whatsoever, including supervised visitation and... since you seem to want this to last forever, that there's no chance that the circumstances will ever change.

    The rest depends on the facts - and what you can prove.

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    Default Re: How to Take Away a Father's Rights

    Good luck with that nikki22. From PA too and mine takes my kid on drug deals

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    Default Re: How to Take Away a Father's Rights

    As a practical matter, this is nigh on impossible to do.

    If one wishes to attempt it without there being a stepparent adoption involved, one needs an attorney.

    And I mean NEEDS.
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