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    Default How to Get Witness Addresses and Contact Information from Defendants

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Arizona/Federal

    There are a number of witnesses I need to set up depositions for who work for the Defendant (or the defendants has their information). I know their names, but I do not know their address/contact information.

    What rule can I cite to require the Defendants to provide this information? I have disclosed the names in my Initial Disclosures, but that was all. Rule 26 seems to be about disclosing information, etc. but not about obtaining it. I need to obtain the address/contact information from the Defendants in order to serve the witnesses with the subpoena for deposition, but I need to cite a rule backing their requirement to provide this information since they are resisting every single attempt to obtain such information.

    i.e. if I was to file a motion to compel them to provide this information, what rule would the motion encapsulate?

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    Default Re: Obtaining Address/Contact Information from Defendants for Witnesses

    You don't need to start a new thread because we all receive an email when you post. I am subscribed to your other thread and would have received an immediate email. Others may have subscribed, but at the least they are subscribed to this section. New threads are emailed in an "update" email at night. Short version; I would have gotten your message much faster, and everyone would have gotten your message if you had posted to the old thread.

    Now that I have posted and subscribed to this thread, I will receive instant emails. If I'm home and near my computer, I'll see it right away. No more new threads please? Every single new post also bumps it to the top.

    Process service is covered under rule 4, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.


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