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    Default No Contract Provided on Auto Title Loan

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California
    I obtained an auto title loan for less that $1,200.00. This was all done elctronically on the reps ipad. He was to e-mail me a copy but never did. I requested a copy of the contract several times via e-mail and verbally only to learn that the rep was no longer with the company. I had no idea what the payment terms or due date were. I believe I was behind in a payment due to a notice that I received in which I ultimately made the payment into their account. When I called to inform them payment was made the lady said it was too late and they were repossessing the vehicle unless I paid $1,648.75 that day. I again requested the contract in which she said she no longer had my file, it was with the repo company so I asked her to e-mail it since it was electronically processed, then she hung up on me. Is is a breach of contract on their part since they did not provide me with the terms? PLEASE HELP!

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    Default Re: No Contract Provided on Auto Title Loan

    Regardless of whether you received a copy of the terms, you likely signed a disclaimer on the check agreeing to them, if you did not sign it beforehand.
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    Default Re: No Contract Provided on Auto Title Loan

    If they complied with the contract, their failure to email you a copy of the contract does not transform their repossession into a breach.

    If the repo company has your file, perhaps they will provide a copy of the contract.

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