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    Default Ex Husband Calling Therapist's Office

    my soon to be ex husband has called my both therapists offices and told them that i am a drug attick alcaholic and im sleeping around.i left my husband on febuary 1 2012 after 18 years of domestic abuse,i agreed to marrage counceling i believe out of fear.but when my husband found out i was sorta seeing another man he went off the deepend and decided to call the offices of my two therapists to slander me. after that he called me and asked me to agree to going to marriage counceling..when i did not return his calls he has decided to change the locks on the house and told me that he does not want our children or i at the house at any point or time wich i wouldnt go their with out permision i have grounds to sew him for false alagations on my character to my drs. during my divorce procedings?the other man did not come into the seen till after 2 months of seperation

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    Default Re: Ex Husband Calling Therapist's Office

    Aside from him infuriating you, what measurable damages have you suffered?
    I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!
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