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    Default What happens if I don't give 30 days notice

    My lease on my apartment in Ohio ended on the 1st of this month. And now is going month to month. I am currently in the Police academy, working full time and planning a wedding. So there for I never contacted my Landlord to let him know of my intentions not to renew my lease. Today I spoke with him about the situation. He told me that he has had several calls inquiring if any apartments are going to open in the building. That is when I told him that I could have my stuff out tomorrow. I also asked him if he would just let me Prorate the month of September since he made it sound like people were beating down the door to move into the building. He told me no that I would have to pay the whole month rent and wants me to let him know when he can start showing. The apartment.

    I am wondering if there is any laws in Ohio that state if I break the month to month lease and the landlord does not make an effort to rent it out that I am still required to pay the full months rent. And if I am responsible for paying can I keep him from showing the apartment.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: What happens if I don't give 30 days notice

    If you keep him from showing the apartment you may increase your liability.

    You failed to give proper notice - that was your fault. He can claim rent for the notice period, but his damages for a breach by you would be unpaid rent to cover that period up to the point where he obtains a new tenant at the same or higher rent. So although you are in theory on the hook for 30 days, if he has a new tenant move in after 20 days you should only have to cover the first 19 days when he actually suffered a loss.

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