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    Unhappy Terrified of My Consequence of Shoplifting

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois
    I live in a very rural town of around 3000 people with about 30% unemployment. Im not making excuses as I know what I did was wrong or am doing is wrong. I feel terrible and so afraid of getting caught. In the past month I have shoplifted 3 software items (around $500) from the local Walmart and sold and selling them on ebay. As I said I feel terrible but was desperate for money. Im scared to death that the police or feds are going to be knocking on my door at any minute. I will never do this again, I cant sleep at night, and feel sick. Am I right to be scared of them showing up, Im sure they prob have me on tape but not seen leaving the store as I went out the garden center where there are no cameras. What is going to happen to me? Any advice besides stop doing it would be great, I already know to stop, and I am.

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    Default Re: Terrified of My Consequence of Shoplifting

    What is going to happen to me?
    Unless and until The Law shows up looking for you, nothing.

    We can't predict whether you'll be caught out or not. All you can do is wait. Consider this a lesson learned, the hard way. You'll sleep again eventually.
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