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    Default How to Dispute a Charge Paid Through My Checking Account

    I paid through paypal to someone for getting a service. Being unsatisfied with the service I tried to dispute the charge first with paypal, But since it was for a service and not purchasing a good, I was told by paypal to contact my bank.

    The money has withdrawn from my checking account. The process with the bank has taken soo long (close to a month) and ever time I get a different response. Finally today the bank rep said that since the payment to paypal was authorized by me they can not reverse it. Is that correct? Do I have any other option?

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    Default Re: How to Dispute a Charge Paid Through My Checking Account

    Read your contract with your bank. I expect you'll find that you made PayPal the payee, that they paid the money to PayPal per your authorization and instruction, and that their responsibility ends there.

    You have the option of suing the person who obtained your money.

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