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    Default Wrong Vehicle Type

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: Washington
    A Washington State Patrol officer pulled me over for doing 70 in a 60mph zone. I drive a Infiniti G35 coupe. The officer put "2 door sedan" in the vehicle type. Is that an error I can use in court to get my case dismissed?

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    Default Re: Wrong Vehicle Type

    and the difference between a 2 door sedan and a 2 door coupe is what exactly?

    No, the fact he called it a sedan instead of a coupe will not benefit you. Beyond the fact it is not anything that would allow you an out due to the error, always remember: no matter what he calls your car, the fact remains the car is not being charged with speeding, you are.
    I am not an attorney and any advice is not to be construed as legal advice. You might even want to ignore my advice. Actually, there are plenty of real attorneys that you might want to ignore as well.

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