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    Angry Unaware of Non-Citizenship, Picked Up on an Old Felony for Deportation

    My husband entered the US as an adopted child to his biological German grandmother at the age of 5. She was married to a US military citizen when they both adopted him in Germany. Growing up he never knew that he wasn't a USC, until 2 years ago. Growing up he had a wayward past, got a felony conviction, served his time. 2 years ago we got married, went on a cruise to Mexico, he had no issues on re-entry. He works offshore, got issued a TWIC card to work in international waters. Has been employed with same company for 3 years, just made supervisor. We have 2 children together, a 3 yr old & 8 mth old. We are filing for custody of his 11 yr old. Last Wednesday he got picked up by ICE for what happened 17 yrs ago. How can this be? We talked about this this weekend that if he had ANY clue something like this could happen he would have NEVER gotten married OR had children to put us/them through something so heart wrenching. I need to know what can be done for this situation. Looking for help please.

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    Default Re: How Can This Be

    I assume that US Military citizen daddy never adopted the child. You need a lawyer, big time.

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    Default Re: Unaware of Non-Citizenship, Picked Up on an Old Felony for Deportation

    I'm wondering how he can be an illegal and not know it. He should have been paying US income taxes on all his wages, for many years.
    Teach a man to fish, you feed a village. Give a man a fish, the ever growing village demands free fish. We will now spend trillions on social services and SSI for people who don't know how to fish.

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