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    Default Restraining Order Requires Respondent to Avoid Ex's Neighborhood

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Pennsylvania

    My father (74 year old never accused of abuse or any domestic violence) recently moved out of the house after being served no-fault divorce papers. The other day he got a cease & desist letter for the following actions;
    1.) Being in her neighborhood and driving by her house (he was visiting his friends & neighbors of 15 years)
    2.) Seeing her in public (its a small town & smaller circle of friends.)
    3.) Calling her house (this one seems kind of legit… but he was calling to wrap loose ends up. The calls are now done)
    The letter stated continued behavior could result in a RO and he may be liable for her legal fees.
    Can she really prevent him from visiting friends in her neighborhood & attending the places he is accustom to going? Should he take any precautions such as having a lawyer write a letter addressing his motives & why he was driving by her house?
    P.S. Just want to add that this is a second wife, not my mother!

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    Default Re: Restraining Order Requires Respondent to Avoid Ex's Neighborhood

    Normal procedure in your state appears to be for the court to issue a temporary ex parte order followed by a hearing on the petition to be held within ten business days.. If your father wants to oppose the order he should (preferably with counsel) attend the hearing and present his case as to why the order should not be granted or should be less broad.

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