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    Question How to Get a Driver's License With an Unresolved DUI

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois

    i got a DUI in IL ten years ago, i haven't been driving since then even when i moved to a new state but now because of work and school i will like reinstate my license. Please what can i do to obtain a license in my new state without having to go back to Illinois.

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    Default Re: To Get Driver's Lic. but I Have a DUI from Ten Years Ago in a Different State

    If you were suspended/revoked in Illinois, you will have to reinstate there before ANYBODY will issue you a license. If you fulfilled all the other parts of your sentence, you probably need due more than fork over the could of hundred dollars to get the restriction lifted. You can probably do this by mail or pay a lawyer to do it for you.

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    Default Re: To Get Driver's Lic. but I Have a DUI from Ten Years Ago in a Different State

    sounds like this fella (JBalami11) has an UNRESOLVED DUI (not taken care of - left state to avoid takng care of) if i am correct in my interpretation...

    that being said, is there a way for him to get a license in another state.
    and your answer is you are stating that he needs to reinstate the license. "If you fulfilled all the other parts of your sentence"
    thats where the UNRESOLVED issue comes into play

    is it a simple matter of paying a reinstatement fine? paying any unpaid court charges/fees?
    if he does not "take care" of the DUI, what becomes of it? is there a statute of limitations for it?
    Is it only in "his offending states jurisdiction"?
    can a person have a DUI in one state and get a license in another?
    if the guidelines of one state are totally different from the current persons state guidelines which state does the person follow?
    would having an interlock/sr22 insurance help the person get a license back?
    would it be a requirement?

    any input is greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: To Get Driver's Lic. but I Have a DUI from Ten Years Ago in a Different State

    If there was any treatment that has not been completed, you need to provide verification that you have now met that mandate. If there were fines and costs associated with your court order, you need to have that resolved. That includes trauma fund, spinal cord research, DUI fee etc... If you had to complete a VIP, you need to provide proof of doing so to the Secretary of State as well. You would need to schedule an appointment with a hearing officer. Not all DMV location houses that. Google the various locations and find out which one does. You would need to pay all reinstatement fees to the Secretary of State as well. Anything I missed, they'd be able to explain it further.

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    Default Re: To Get Driver's Lic. but I Have a DUI from Ten Years Ago in a Different State

    I recommend that you start with the Illinois DMV. You must be clear in IL prior to applying for a license in any other state. Each DMV is required to check the National Driver Register / Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) prior to issuing a driver's license. If you're suspended in IL due to the DUI conviction, the other state cannot issue you a license and they'll simply refer you back to IL for clearance.

    Here's the contact information for IL:

    ILLINOIS 217-782-6212 or 217-782-2720
    Office of the Secretary of State
    Driver Services Department
    2701 South Dirksen Parkway

    You can also find them on the internet.
    Brian E. Simoneau, Esq.
    550 Cochituate Rd. # 25
    Framingham, MA 01701

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