You, on the other hand, are likely not even a licensed attorney in my opinion.
in your opinion? What does your opinion have to do with Mr.K's personal situation? Either he is or isn't a licensed attorney. That would be a matter of fact, not opinion. Maybe you need to return to school and have them explain the difference.

Regardless, he is very informed and does a pretty good job at researching his responses. You on the other hand...well.... what is there to say other than at least in this thread you appear to be more akin to a troll than an attorney.

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There are belly dancers and housewives and people with an agenda and retirees answering your questions, but almost no working attorneys. .
I do not fit into any of the categories. Can you take the time to categorize me? I feel left out.

What makes you believe there are no lawyers that are also belly dancers, are retired, or have an agenda? I cannot attest to any being belly dancers but I would not exclude the possibility but there are a lot of retired lawyers and there are a lot of lawyers, both retired and active, that have agendas. I do know of some lawyers that are alcoholics, drug users, thieves, and frauds. Should that mean that I should think you are one within that list simply because some lawyers are? You make very poor arguments for claiming to be what you are.