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    Default Paying Early Termination Fee for Telephone Service

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: pennsylvania
    I signed a contract with AT&T had 3 phone lines with the company all was fine I paid my bill on time and had no problem with service. Then i moved 2o minutes away and had no service at our new house. After many phone calls to AT&T and we were told that there was service in our area but a few towers were down. Next several phone calls we were told we could purchase a mini tower for our home and see if that helped our service. They wanted $200 for the mini tower. I explained how I thought that was unfair. AT&T would not agree to provide a mini tower at no cost or reduced cost so I had to change providers. Now AT&T wants approx $500 for early termination fees. I called and explained the situation again and was told they would not remove the fees. So I wrote a letter to AT&T disputing fees and the reply was that they cant promise service in every area especially if it mountains or tree covered.they won't remove fees. I live on a major road and i have some trees in the back of my house but AT&T could not provide the service I was paying for and I dont think companies should be allowed to charge early term fees if they can't provide the service. Anybody know what other course of action i can take?

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    Default Re: Paying Early Termination Fee for Telephone Service

    You will need to read your contract to see what, if anything, it provides in the event that you move to a location with weaker coverage.

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