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    Default Neighbor Waiting by Parking Spot for Me

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: New Hampshire
    My boyfriend and I recently got a RO against our neighbors. The order states they must stay at least 50 ft away from us. We live in a condo association, where there is a common picnic table by our car port. They know what time we get out of work each day, and sit at the picnic table and wait for us to get home (the table is 25 ft away from our parking spot). Are they breaking the RO by waiting so closely to our parking spot for us to get home? I don't want to call the cops on little things, but I feel like this is pushing the limits. Help!

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    Default Re: Neighbor Waiting by Parking Spot for Me

    If you believe that they are in violation of the order, you need to report the violatilons to the police. A violation is a violation and that's no small matter in the eyes of the court.

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