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    Wink Headlight Issue

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: MS and i was getting off work one night and as i was driving down the street a policeman pulled me over . He then stated that my headlight was out and that I was going to receive a ticket. My arguement is if I was just getting off work and did not know that my headlight was out. Why would I have to pay a ticket if there was noway for me for me to get it fixed in the middle of the night.

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    Because you were driving on the road with it burned out.
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    You have pay the ticket because you broke the law.

    The law doesn't provide an exception for not being able to find a place to have your car fixed. It says if you're driving at night you need working headlights.
    You're expected to determine prior to driving at night that the headlights are working. No lights, no driving, no matter how inconvenient.
    Get the headlight fixed and take proof to court and see if you can get some leniency.

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