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    Default Can Two People Be on a Health Care Proxy

    My question involves estate planning in the state of: New York.

    A friend tells me that both she and her sister are down as "Health Care Proxies". Is that possible?? How can you have 2 health care proxies when making medical decisions. In this case the two sisters are at opposite sides of the spectrum. Please let me know ASAP.

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    Default Re: Can Two People Be on a Health Care Proxy

    If you want to identify two people as your proxies, you can do so. It's your choice when creating the document. If you end up creating a situation that's untenable, such that it's necessary for a guardian to be appointed, then that's the consequence of giving two people equal say over your care without giving one the final say or providing for an adequate method of dispute resolution.

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    Default Re: Can Two People Be on a Health Care Proxy

    The document should specifically state if the two must agree and act together ( usually only for things like pulling the plug), if one is the primary and the other only if the primary is unavailable, etc...

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