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    Default Local Government "Parking" Public Documents at Their Contracted Lawyer's Office

    I am involved with a FOIA request denial that has gone crazy. I requested a document and the government agency admits that it exists but is in the possession of their attorney. They are refusing to disclose it as they claim that they are unable to as the attorney physically has it. As it stands, they are parking documents that contain sketchy information with their attorney to keep them out of public view. Other documents related to the matter were requested under FOIA and were provided without grief. None of this is exempt under "Attorney work product" or "Attorney-client privilege".

    I have put all details AND actual documents on a google website here:

    I am working without legal assistance (pro per) as I cannot afford any. If you can provide any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Per the state FOIA law, the State of Michigan awards legal fees and expenses when the plaintiff prevails. When it is determined that the defendant has acted arbitrarily and capriciously, an automatic award of $500 is ordered.

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    Default Re: Local Government "Parking" Public Documents at Their Contracted Lawyer's Office

    If you have filed your FOIA lawsuit, you'll have your day in court. If your case is valid, don't be surprised if you're handed the document on your way into court, with the government agency then arguing to the court that the case is moot and should be dismissed. I'm not going to download your documents to comment on them or the response; with no offense to you personally, I am wary of downloading documents posted by people I don't know.

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