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    Default Business Professor Teaches Suicide Techniques

    My question involves education law in the State of: Oregon

    I'm not sure if that is the right topic. I need some good advice. I may need to just drop the whole thing and let it go but I want to make sure I am doing the right thing for my classmates and future students.

    This professor went on a 20 minute lecture explaining the correct way to blow your brains out while showing the class the correct way of holding the gun, explaining which artery to hit all while yelling and slamming his other fist on the wall. I went into therapy because of this. He also explained the correct way of slitting your wrist. He often tells stories of babies being used to transport diamonds by way of being killed and gutted and having diamonds shoved inside of them. He is rude and insulting in class. He says when he goes into Goodwill he has to take a shower. I don't want to go into the long rant here of all the stuff he says, let's just leave it at he is insulting. He tries to get students to fight in class because he thinks that is good teaching. We don't know when assignments are due, we have to just keep checking. This and of itself would not cause me to raise serious concerns. Some professors are just not organized. It just adds to the massive stress he causes. I know that students have complained and I have seen students break down and I have so myself. But oh well, I am screwed and have to get through my class. I have filed formal complaints and gone through the proper chains and they say he is a great guy and basically I am crazy. This professor also refuses to allow anyone to have their cell phone on. I don't mean they have to be silent, they can't be on at all. I fought him to get him to allow one person or even him have one cell phone on silent so that we could get the emergency system to call us if there is a shooter on campus. This is something the school has set up for our safety. He has refused. His answer is that the secretary down the hall must risk her life, running through the hall and into our classroom to let us know there is a shooter on campus. The school also does not seem to think this is a problem.

    My concern here is not me anymore. It's done and I have to just get through. I can't do anything else at this point. I am concerned about a student going to his class who may be depressed already and him pushing that student over the edge. I have to feel like I did everything I could otherwise I am as responsible as everyone else who is ignoring me and my classmates.

    I seriously need good solid advice. Should I just drop it and let it go or do something more about it?

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    Default Re: Business Professor Teaches Suicde Techniques

    Information on both "efficient" and exotic ways to kill oneself is everywhere. Talking about puppies could push a depressed person over the edge too. Other than complain to the administration, which you've already done, what ELSE do you think there is to "do" about anything?
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    Default Re: Business Professor Teaches Suicde Techniques

    Yeah, I really don't know what else I can do. I did go through the correct channels so that's it. I should drop it and let it go.

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    Default Re: Business Professor Teaches Suicde Techniques

    diamond babies? I'm going to get me some of those ...

    The OP needed therapy? Oh brother.

    Seems like you should have taped the lecture and posted it on youtube ...

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    Default Re: Business Professor Teaches Suicde Techniques

    An update, the school has decided to back me up. I am going to get through the class but they are going to investigate this class and hopefully future students will not have to experience what I and my classmates have and are still going through. I'll keep this up for a few days but plan on taking it down since it is resolving on its own. Thanks for the advice, although short and sweet it was what I needed to hear. Thanks again.

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