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    Question If Your Car Is Towed Then Not Parked in a Secured Lot, Are You Free to Just Take It

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: New Jersey

    Is there anything to keep me from getting in my car and leaving? The car was towed, but they left it out front not inside there fenced/gated area. The car I would assume would be reported stolen/missing by the Towing company, but once I contact the Police would there be any issue?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Car Was Towed and Left on Street of Their Company, Not Inside There Lot

    Come on. You already know the answer. Of course there would be an "issue."

    You don't say why your car was towed. But, the presumption is that it was impounded by the police. Depending on the reason for the impound, there are several criminal charges that might apply. At the very least, you owe the tow company fees. By taking the vehicle without paying those fees, you would be guilty of attempted theft of services.
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