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    Default Pernament Injunction

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Texas

    Will a Pernament Injunction, requested by the ex-wife, between a father and son be automatically removed when the son becomes an adult? What if the son, as an adult, want contact with the father?

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    Default Re: Pernament Injunction

    This is your step-child, isn't it?

    (Per your post in another forum?)
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    I will become unenforceable once the child listed in the order becomes an adult. At that point they'd need to get an order of their own, if they wanted one.
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    Default Re: Pernament Injunction

    If the Injunction becomes null when the son becomes an adult, could the mom place a new one? From what I know, the son want's contact with the father, so no problem there.

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