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    Default How to Get a Restricted License for Work

    I'm about to turn 16 soon, so I'm getting ready to get my permit and had a question regarding restricted licenses. I saw on a DMV website (not the official one) that there are restricted licenses available in ny for driving to work. Ive been walking to work for 2 years and was wondering if I would be able to get one of those or a work permit?

    Also I would eventually like to buy a motorcycle when I save up enough money, but I don't know anyone with a motorcycle license that would be able to follow me when I get my permit, so how would I be able to drive one?


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    Default Re: Nys Permit

    Restricted licenses are for those whose licenses have been suspended. You will qualify for a learners and then a JUNIOR license.
    Official information here:
    You'd be well advised to take driver ed. Not only will it speed you to the full licnese, it will decrease your insurance rates.

    If you want to ride a motorcycle the best way to do it is to go to the DMV and get the motorcycle learners permit and then take a motorcycle safety course (basic rider) course. You don't even need a motorcycle:
    A basic rider course is STRONGLY STRONGLY recommended over trying to go it alone.
    Again it will decrease your insurance rates.

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