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    Default Child GPS Tracking - the Legal System

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: California, and the entire United States.

    If a human tracking GPS business came up with a plan to begin implementing devices in children with parental consent; and the device could not only pinpoint an exact location, but also sense vitals (breathing and circulation), how would this run through the legal system? This is merely a safety and protective device against kidnappers, sex offenders, and other like criminals.

    Now of the privacy torts, the only one that really applies is intrusion. And a defense to intrusion is consent, which has been given by the parent. The child has the decision to remove the device once he/she turns 18, and the parents may remove the device at any time.

    In order to prevent obsessive parents, there is a fee for each time the product is actually used. But I am just looking for legal advice here. This is for a university business class project.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Child GPS Tracking - the Legal System

    You're probably going to find that the volunteers here don't do homework.

    That's your job - not ours.
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    Default Re: Child GPS Tracking - the Legal System

    Nice that you want us to do your homework. Parents already have the technology to track their kids. They also have the legal right to monitor their vitals.
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