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    Default Tax Audit Mistakenly Sent to My Address

    State: Florida
    Hi, this may or may not be a big deal at all, but I am just making sure. The IRS has sent to my address what appears to be a tax audit paper for an unknown person. The address is mine, but the tax id does not match the social security number of anyone in our family (but this can be a business tax id, from what I saw it looks like this person is running a business). I have sent the document back to the IRS due to the wrong address- I even called the IRS and let them know. Just last week I received another letter from the IRS to the same person, this time demanding owed tax money. I guess the next time the IRS will send collectors to my house?

    I have checked our credit reports recently and did not see anything unusual, though I am not sure if this is an issue that would show up on a credit report. Please advise me on the matter. Thank you very much for your time!

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    Default Re: Tax Audit Mistakenly Sent to My Address

    In big letters, on the front of it, write "return to sender addressee unknown". Oh thats right, you violated federal law, by opening another persons mail. Sorry bout yer luck.

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    Default Re: Tax Audit Mistakenly Sent to My Address

    Just mark the envelopes "NO SUch PERSON AT THIS ADDRESS" and return them to the postman. If it's not your SSN or name it is NOT going to appear on your credit report. In fact, you should not have opened the envelope.

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    Default Re: Tax Audit Mistakenly Sent to My Address

    Hi, thank you very much for your reply. I have done what you said and sent it back. Hope the IRS will get it fixed this time. God bless whoever got their SSN sent around willy nilly by the beloved government.

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