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    Default Can the HOA Tow My Car Out of My Driveway if I Am Not Blocking a Sidewalk

    My question involves a condominium located in the State of: Florida.

    My wife and I own a townhome and have 2 cars. One of the Association bylaws is that 1 car must be parked in the garage and then 1 car can be parked in the driveway after that. Since the garage is only designed for 1 car and there is little storage space in the unit, it is difficult to be able to park a car in the garage because it becomes unusable.

    There is no sidewalk on our side of the street and both of our cars fit in our driveway, so that they are not hanging out into the street at all. Can the HOA have my vehicle towed out of my driveway if I am not blocking a sidewalk, impeding the roadway or blocking anyone else's driveway?

    I asked a tow truck driver who was in the neighborhood to tow offending vehicles and was told that I was safe as long as I didn't block a sidewalk (not possible on my side of the road) and didn't hang out into the street, but the HOA board and the Property Manager continue to threaten that.

    They have sent written notices to the entire complex, as many people park 2 cars in the driveway, but they have not personally notified my wife and I about this issue in writing.

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    Default Re: Can the HOA Tow My Car Out of My Driveway if I Am Not Blocking a Sidewalk

    Your association can enforce the bylaws, including the towing of your vehicle, if your agreement provides for it. I suggest you attend a meeting and get the issue clarified beforehand.
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    Default Re: Can the HOA Tow My Car Out of My Driveway if I Am Not Blocking a Sidewalk

    You need to read your bylaws and community rules. If they provide for towing if you violate the parking rules, then that's a power held by the COA. If you have received a "dear everybody" letter addressing this exact issue, they don't need to send a second notice specifically to you - the "dear everybody" includes you.

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