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    Default Quit Claim Deed Fraud

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Michigan
    hard to explain this, my mother in law beacme ill with lung cancer and her husband had somebody forge her signature while she was in a coma to quit claim deed a piece of property so that his name would also be on the property. he did this so that her siblings would not be able to have any claim to this property. she passed away some time later never becoming aware that this had occured. Since we discovered that he had done this, we obtained the documents and verified that it was not her signature on the paperwork that was filed. He had somebody notorize the document. At this point we are unsure where to turn. do we go to the police where the property is, where he lives, the state, or just start with a lawyer? any advice is appreciated

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    Default Re: Quit Claim Deed Fraud

    This happened how long ago? Was mom's estate probated? If so, when and what's the present status of the estate?

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